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Why should you read a book every month?

At the dawn of a new year, several people are planning their New Year’s Resolutions. “Read More” is a common resolution, for a good cause! There’s no wonder why reading is healthy for you. So how does reading better your life, exactly? Why do you want to make it a priority in 2020 and 2021? Joseph Addison wrote this quotation some 300 years ago, before his arguments could be backed up by current science and testing equipment. Yet science research today reveals you to be more intelligent in reading. For eg, reading a novel stimulates blood flow and increases brain connectivity. Your brain learns strong writing and vocabulary as you listen. You will unintentionally imitate the styles you wrote in your own writings of novels. Reading strengthens the grammar and orthography. In their natural sense new words emerge and interpretations can be deduced from the surrounding words as they visually impress their orthodoxy to remember correctly. You put yourself in the shoes of the characters when you read them. Your brain goes beyond the words on this page and imagines details like appearances, feelings and climate. “A fine book can leave many encounters and be slightly confusing at the top, William Styron wrote. When you read, you live many lives. To read a good book is like to be an inspirational human. You see inspiring acts, you witness infectious enthusiasm and you want to live a better life.

Reading is good for you, as you can see, very, very good to you. It will enhance your educational , social, physical and mental life. It is the right time to delve into your 2020 and 2021 reading targets, with these compelling facts through your head!          



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