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Everyone’s got aspirations and dreams. The core of who you really are is these visions. It is the heart of who you are as a person, and the very meaning of your being.

God’s way of making you interested in his Master Plan is what you are dreaming of doing in your  life. You were gifted with a series of dreams and gifts, in the expectation that you will live out these passions, fulfill your dreams and thusly step forward in life. It’s just a shame that we’ve been told since childhood that we should stop dreaming and start “working.” What a mistake! Living is a fantasy! That’s why we’re here: to fulfill our dreams. Not for personal  motives, but for everyone’s sake. 

By fulfilling our wishes, we are becoming a stronger people, a happier people, shining brilliantly like the sun, lightening the lives of those around us. If you try to forget my dreams, you will become like a waterless vine. Your imagination is the reason you’re going to be! Your dreaming is no coincidence. Your fantasy is the one you are. You must pursue it!  Your dream gives you a sense of meaning and reason, and it pushes you into the future of your choosing. Your dream is your life’s meaning.

Why, then, does it seem so daunting to fulfill your dream? First, because of the anti-dream machine running in your brain, a machine was installed when you were just a child. Second, because your fantasy is still beyond your comfort zone. 

Pursuing your dream needs deliberate commitment, development, and change; it can at first feel somewhat awkward. You may have some doubts and anxieties, but this is natural.

Don’t dwell on fear, but dwell on visions. This way, your dream becomes more important than  your anxiety. Spending your life in terror and worry is definitely not part of the Master Plan. 

Ask yourself the question, “What do I really want? Will you know my visions or get trapped in my  fears? Do I want to pursue my dream and to reap fulfillment, freedom, peace and abundance? Or do I lock myself up in my room with my good old frustration, lack of motivation, anxiety, tiredness and  depression?

As long as your goals speak to you more than your fears, you will  find the drive and confidence to move on



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