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Why is it important to learn a foreign language?

The benefits of studying foreign languages are mushrooming as the planet is becoming increasingly globalized and bilingualism is perhaps perhaps the most valuable real world capability ever to exist, rather than only being a nifty party trick.

Foreign language research is all about learning how to really talk and engage with others — an extremely valuable life ability that can only be cultivated by communicating with others. When you acquire a foreign language, you may exercise your new supernatural ability to understand what someone is doing, to remember the correct vocab and grammar, to place the vocab and grammar in the proper sense, and to reply — all on the spot and in a timely manner. You’ve always connected. And that’s exactly what it’s all about.

Studies have proven the cognitive advantages of learning another language, no matter how old you are. Tests have shown that bilinguals tend to have larger minds, sharper memory, more imaginative, sharper problem solvers, etc. Not only can these benefits make it easier to study even more languages, they make it easier to study, well, everything. The ability to easily move between activities is increasingly valuable in today’s busy multitasking environment. Bilinguals can move between tasks even faster than their monolingual counterparts, and they can perform far more tasks at once. Learning a foreign language will potentially introduce a kind of reverse psychology to you to give you a deeper understanding of your own natural language and culture. This is one of the most unforeseen rewards of studying a foreign language. You will become even more knowledgeable not only of cultural customs, but also of the syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation habits of your first language. This is likely to clarify the changes in hearing, comprehension, and writing skills that foreign languages teach to former monolinguals. Learning a foreign language is highly necessary and there are several explanations for studying a foreign language. Studying and eventually fluently learning a foreign language helps to crack boundaries and bind human beings to a deeper degree of shared understanding. In addition, meeting this shared understanding would eventually open a set of doors leading to a more interesting and rewarding personal and professional life!



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