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O Online learning has become a component of many educational institutions around the globe. They are offered by the world’s top-ranked institutions and enables students to realize their dreams of attending their dream university although they cannot physically be there. Educational institutions not only consist of universities but also institutions such as schools and private tuition classes. The major advantage of online learning is learning to your tailored schedule. These online learning websites almost have every subject and adjustable timetables which would suit any person leading any type of lifestyle. You can study from home or even be an offshore student and still gain knowledge. Due to the technological advancement in the current generation, students can learn online while engaging in other areas or hobbies they are interested in.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.”
– Donna J. Abernathy

In case you think that online learning is not the same as on-campus study, online learning also contains lecturer feedback and support where the tutors take great care and ensure that the students have understood the content very well regarding their subjects. The support can be considered to be the same as on-campus study support. Currently considering the pandemic COVID19, students all around the world are engaged in online learning and currently, it is the future of education.



E-books, live classes, recorded classes, online assessments, discussions and exams are some ways that the students are assessed while learning. Further prevention of plagiarism and cheating are also considered and there are certain technologies that prevent this and ensure that students work on their own.

Online learning is a new education. You should not be demotivated by old school ideas where they mention that on-campus studies are the real deal. Currently, in the industry, the paper does not hold value anymore. It is the skills and knowledge that ensures that spot in your dream job. Therefore gaining online learning qualifications will help you build a unique skill set tailored by yourself which would make you stand from the crowd and pave the path for you to become the next leader.



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